Risk matters

As a small energetic company Risk Matters is able to provide tailored assistance to organisations in Risk Management, Business Continuity,  and Staff Training and Development. 

What we do

Building Organisational Resilience

Creating Value and Confidence Our approach to doing business centers on delivering value and confidence to our clients by helping them manage risks and opportunities in a way that is uniquely right for them. We pride ourselves on providing innovative services that both identify, assess and control business risks and opportunities.

Conducting Business Continuity Exercises

Risk Matters uses a variety of innovative tools to assist your organisation to develop resilience and flexibility in the face of major events.

These include:

  • Desk top exercises
  • Seminar games
  • Using traditional board games
  • Matrix games
  • Kriegspiel
  • Full scale exercises

All of which are tailored to suit your needs.


What Drives Us

At Risk Matters we live by a set of shared values that guide the day to day actions and behaviours of each of us. Our values influence the way we work with each other and the way we work with and serve our clients.



Risk    Matters    provides    robust    and    practical    business   continuity   and   risk and  opportunity   management   services  based on   best  practice,   and   delivered by experienced professionals. Each client has unique requirements and we place this foremost in our minds when seeking the best solution for you.

Our services include:

  • risk management and business continuity assessments 
  • risk framework and strategy development
  • risk management policy and procedures development
  • review of current risk management strategies
  • business continuity training
  • business continuity planning
  • disaster recovery
  • risk analysis associated training & workshops.

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